Hello & belated Christmas wishes!  Now that I’ve caught up on my sleep after the craziest December yet, I’m using the time between Christmas & New Year to review and plan for 2018.  Which is why I’m emailing to tell you not about all the new things that are happening in the EBA but about what we are going to stop doing.  If you caught my Facebook live earlier today I went into more detail on this.

It’s taken me a very long time to learn the lesson that you can’t keep adding into a business without subtracting something else.  Back in September, the EBA was selected as one of 10 businesses in the UK to take part in a Google Launchpad day.  It was a chance to learn from the top business brains who are responsible for rolling out new products under the Google brand.  One of the big takeaways was the importance of staying focused in order to grow quickly.  It was a wake up call when a company with the number of staff & the huge bank balance that Google have, were so relentless about not trying to do everything, all at once.

So I’ve been reviewing what we’re doing at the moment and if any of it needs to stop, to free up more resources for new projects.  There are three important criteria that everything is run past to help make decisions:

1) Does it offer value to the members?
2) Does it drive new member signups?
3) Does it make the EBA money?

As you’d expect, I’m pretty geeky about this.  There has been lots of time spent in Google Analytics analysing what is driving new member signups.  Twitter is a good channel for us in general but the #horsebizhour twitter hour isn’t delivering new members or making us money.  Does it offer value to members?  Some but I personally think the EBA Facebook group is a better place to connect & network with other members.  So after thinking it through, it was an easy decision to can #horsebizhour and use that extra hour each week to deliver something better for you all.

This does mean a bit of a name change to the twitter account, so you’ll now find the EBA at https://twitter.com/equinebiz

Hopefully you might now be inspired to do something similar in your business ready to make room for an incredible 2018.

And on that note I’d like to end my final blog of 2017 with a massive thank you for your attention, enthusiasm & participation in the EBA.

Happy New Year!

Christina Jones

Christina Jones

Founder, Equine Business Association

Christina is the founder of the Equine Business Association.  As MD of Blacktype Digital, a digital marketing agency she's the geekiest horse person you're likely to come across.  She's been in the horse business for over 15 years and also has business interests in equine media, ecommerce and wholesale.  A dressage addict, she spends her time outside of work slaving for her two british bred sport horses.

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