Turn Browsers Into Buyers With Remarketing Advertising

by Feb 22, 2019

Some statistics that should strike fear into the heart of business owners & marketing managers….




•       98% of visitors to your website won’t buy


•       63% of people requesting info on your company today won’t buy for at least 3 months


•       Only 2% of sales happen at the first meeting


•       80% of non-routine sales take place after 5 follow ups


•       70% of people who add products to shopping carts online don’t complete their order




Whatever sort of horse business you run, whether it is an online store, a product manufacturer or a service business like a horse trainer or farrier, you all need sales in order to thrive.


You work really hard to promote your business – spending out on magazine ads, Facebook Ads & Google Ads.  You take stands at events & drive all over the country to spread the word.  You’re working hard online with your websites & social media.


And yet a huge amount of this effort is being wasted!



It’s not your fault – it’s part of the buying cycle where customers often need to research a product for some time before they feel comfortable making a purchase.


This might be something as simple as looking for the best deal on a new stable rug or it might be a bigger purchase like an arena surface that necessitates spending time researching the best solution for their needs & then finding out who the best supplier is & then in many cases, saving up to make the buy.   Often it can be external factors, like needing to wait until payday to splurge on a new purchase!


The danger is that in the research stage your potential customer comes to you for information but then forgets about you before the final purchase is made & ends up buying from the competition!



So what can you do about it?


Luckily for you, there’s some amazing technology called remarketing which will allow you to stay in front of your potential customer with hyper-targeted advertising, making sure that the second they are ready to purchase, they’ll come to you.


You’ll have seen this in action on websites like Amazon – you look at new digital cameras because you’re trying to decide if it’s time to upgrade from your iPhone camera.  You’re still in the early stages of trying to decide on what brand you want to spend your £500 budget on, so you leave Amazon to go & read reviews on the leading photography magazine websites.  You finish up & then head on over to Facebook to catch up with friends & family & watch daft cat videos.  Suddenly you start noticing ads for the cameras you viewed following you around the web.


Potentially a little bit annoying but incredibly effective for the retailer in getting you to return & spend.

Amazon Remarketing Example

Amazon showing remarketing ads on the Horse& Hound homepage



But I’m not Amazon I hear you cry.  That’s not a problem.  This technology is easy to master, can be run with budgets as low as £5 / $7 a day & is available to every horse business.


We’re using it here at the Equine Business Association – you’ve probably already been shown one of your adverts…

Equine Business Association Remarketing Advert

Equine Business Association Remarketing Advert


So how does it work?


When a prospect visits your website, a small amount of code is added to their browser & so when that person visits an ad network that you’re running a remarketing ad campaign on, they are shown specific ads, based on the fact that they’ve already visited your website.


You can also upload email lists & mobile phone numbers to target existing leads & customers.


And yes, this is all perfectly legal even in the post GDPR era!


So where can you show remarketing adverts?


·      Facebook


·      Instagram


·      Pinterest


·      Youtube


·      Twitter


·      Google Display Network (which shows ads on over 2 million websites across the net including major newspapers like the Daily Telegraph, industry publications like Horse & Hound as well as a  huge number of niche sites)


So what does this look like in action?



Remarketing advertising on Daily Telegraph

Remarketing advert showing on the home page of the Daily Telegraph via the Google Display network


Remarketing Advert On Facebook

Remarketing Advert On Facebook



What can you do with remarketing?


Lots!  There are a number of ad campaign types you can run across the ad platforms.  Here’s some examples to give you an idea of the scope of it (remember that these ads can run across a variety of platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube):


  1. You run a large horse show.  You can show specific adverts to someone who has visited the tickets page for a major event but not purchased tickets yet.  Once they purchase tickets they are removed from the campaign & no longer shown the ads.
  2. You’re running an ad campaign on Horse & Country TV to promote a new feed supplement.  A viewer comes to your website to find out more.  Show them follow up ads for the new supplement across other platforms, promoting the launch special offer & driving sales at your stockists.
  3.  You’re an online retailer.  The new Autumn Winter collections have arrived.  A website browser is looking at the new Kingsland range.  Show them adverts for the specific products they looked at on Facebook & Google.
  4. You’re a horse trainer & have developed an online training program.  You’re promoting yourself with training blogs & a video diary.  Show adverts to everyone who has visited your website in the last 6 months to announce the launch of your program.
  5. You run a saddlery and have a special sale weekend coming up.  You have a large database of phone numbers & emails of customers in the locality & use this to target them with a VIP party with early access to the sale on Friday night.




Want to learn more?


Are you excited by the potential of remarketing advertising?  Starting to see how it can transform your online ad campaigns?  Done correctly it’s like pouring petrol on a fire & standing back to watch your sales explode. We have some great training on Facebooks ads for EBA members that will help you get to grips with remarketing – read on for more information and how to access it.


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