10 Tools For Creating Great Social Content For Your Equine Business

Mar 3, 2019Marketing, Social Media

If you’re using social media for your equine business, then you’ll know that it can be a challenge to have a constant stream of great social content. Back in January, Christina was at the Facebook Gather event in Dublin and the team at Facebook shared their top 10 apps for producing social content, all straight from a smartphone.  So in turn, we thought we’d share them with you!

It’s a great way to use your existing photos and videos but in a more eyecatching way, which will really help with increasing engagement on your social profiles.  You don’t need to use the all, but I’d encourage you to try them out and find a couple that you enjoy using and put them to work to product some great social content for your equine business! 

Top 5 Photo Enhancing Apps


1) ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS – Edits photos and apply borders, frames and filters.

2) ADOBE SPARK POST – Transform photos with design and animation templates.

3) PICLAB – Add text, borders and overlays.

4) PLOTAGRAPH – Turn any still photo into a video or GIF.

5) RIPL – Layer animated templates on top of photos.

Top 5 Video Enhancing Apps


1) VIDEOSHOP – Combine photos and videos with stop-motion, resize and edit videos.

2) QUIK – Apply video templates, text overlays and music.

3) INSTAGRAM STORIES – Add text, drawing and stickers to videos.

4) BOOMERANG – Create short looping videos.

5) LEGEND – Add animation text to a photo or video. 

All apps are available to download from the Apple App Store or in Google Play. 

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