Opening Your Own Equine Store

by Nov 19, 2020

2020 saw huge change in many of our lives. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic wrought changes to people across the globe and chances are you’ve found yourself caught up in the storm. One area of life that many of us are struggling to adapt to is changes to our work and income. In a bid to abide by government regulations and guidelines that slow the spread of the virus (such as social distancing, lockdowns, store closures and more) many of us have found ourselves out of work. Whether you owned your own business that has collapsed, worked for another’s business that collapsed, or have been made redundant, you are far from alone in your experience. The good news is that you shouldn’t lose hope. Instead, many are taking this as an opportunity to start out their own new venture and to work in an industry or field of specialism that they genuinely enjoy and are dedicated to. If you love horses you may be considering setting up your own equine store. Here are some suggestions that can get you started out in the right direction!


Know Your Field

If you want to cater to the equine market, you’re going to have to know your audience and the industry. You need to know what horses and horse owners need. You might need to whittle things down to a field of specialism or a niche. This should generally involve a combination of self-directed study and market research. Learn everything you can about the equine industry, what horse owners want and need. Then, develop ideas regarding the products you will create or stock and sell. Next, do some market research. See how you can stand apart from the crowd. Should you carry specialist feeds or grass hay? Maybe you’d prefer to specialise in show gear. Whatever you go for, simply make sure that there’s enough demand to make your venture viable.


Brand Yourself

Next, brand yourself. Whether you’re selling your own products or stocking other company’s products, you’re going to need to create your own brand so that customers can differentiate between you and other equine stores on the market. Again, market research will play a key role in determining what is a good idea and what isn’t.


Start Out Online

Sure, running a traditional brick and mortar store may sound appealing. But for now, you may want to consider starting out online. With constant changes to government regulations, you may find that your store has to close or will have limited capacity when you first start out. By setting up online, you can generally safely continue operations, making sales and shipping goods, without having to shut down or pay for costly commercial rent and overheads on a store that can’t even accommodate customers for lengthy periods of time.

These steps, of course, are some of the first you will face when starting out. But, as we briefly mentioned earlier, they really will help to get you started out in the right direction. So, keep them at the forefront of your mind!

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