Equine Business Contingency Planning – Free Download

by Mar 19, 2020

Equine Business Contingency Planning


Are you struggling to put together an action plan for your equine business in response to the impact of Coronavirus?

Just like Governments around the world, businesses need an effective plan when facing potential disruptions to their business. Having a Business Contingency Plan is a great place to start. It can be a daunting task so EBA member Equiconsulting has generously provided their template free of charge – complete with pre-completed sections and advice. 
Equiconsulting have worked in and with businesses from one-man-bands to FTSE100s They’ve seen first-hand the affect that global issues can have on business. For anyone that would like an extra helping hand with their business strategy, change management communications or emergency communications please get in touch. There is a high chance that Equiconsulting already have something prepared that can be easily amended and rolled out.
Sarah skillin

Sarah skillin

Sarah has traversed the legal, IT, business and equestrian worlds over the past 12-years.  Having gained valuable experience working in the city with FTSE100 clients and global technology giants, she brings with her a wealth of experience in communications, change management, business improvement and strategy, as well as the creative elements of digital marketing and social media management.  Having launched her own consultancy, The Bit Media Services Ltd (trading as EquiConsulting), Sarah now dedicates her time working with the equestrian industry.

Find out more at https://www.equiconsulting.co.uk/

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