3 Subtle Ways to Give Customers Faith in Your Equine Business

by Feb 23, 2024

Winning & keeping customers is dependent on them having faith in our abilities. But what are the best ways to do this? We can use a variety of marketing tactics or techniques, but we also need to remember there are subtle things that can make a massive difference. Here are a number of little things that can work on a large scale.

Make It Easy for Customers to Navigate Your Business

Understanding how customers think is key so we can then give them an easy route to the finish line. An excellent example is when a customer is trying to pay for something. If we do not have a sufficient payment gateway API  that provides proper protection, it can result in a very laborious and frustrating journey for the customer to buy something from you. We should always make life easier for customers, and this is just one approach. The customer should barely need to make any effort to purchase from us or even to interact with our business, which is why customer autonomy is so important. There are a number of ways we can incorporate this. For example, a detailed FAQ section can give your customers every item of information about the business and products possible.

Consistent and Transparent Communication

Having effective communication across all channels is vital because it builds trust but it also maintains it. When our customers see that we are actively reaching out to them, it means they will be more than aware of our existence, but like a friend calling out of the blue, it’s a very simple way to show them that you can. When reaching out to customers through email marketing tactics, the key is to not message every single day at the same time because this will lead to them hitting the “unsubscribe” button. Instead, look at the right volume of marketing through the appropriate channels, whether it’s email or social media. You can market in other diverse ways not just through an email or a post but blogs, videos, infographics, and so much more, just as long as it is useful.

Be Honest

Simple but so hard to achieve. Transparency in every aspect of your operations and communications will invariably create trust in your brand. Customers are far more switched on because they have greater access to businesses than ever. If they don’t like you, they can purchase from another outlet that does your job better than you. This is why we always need to be upfront and practise what we preach by clearly communicating our company’s values, and sharing positive testimonials and reviews to display social proof, while also working hard to foster trust in our brand by being open and honest.

We should work at being a good Samaritan in how we do business rather than opting for cloak-and-dagger approaches. We should give our customers faith in our business, and we can only do this if we place as much priority on the subtleties as the overt methods.

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