In the final part of EBA Explores: Business Banking, Steven Lovell, Business Growth Enabler from Natwest Business Banking, talks us through the biggest equestrian business challenge he sees small business owners face and the support that is available. Previously, Steven has covered the reasons and benefits behind having a business bank account, the features you will need to consider for your business and how often you should be in contact with your bank. 

In this last blog Steven explains how confidence is key, taking the time to work on yourself and having belief in what you are doing makes a big difference in the success of your equestrian business. He also takes us through the help and support which is available for small business owners, including where you will find free events and networks.

Thank you to Steven Lovell, Business Growth Enabler from Natwest Business Banking, for answering some of the commonly asked questions regarding equestrian business bank accounts. If you would like to find your local Business Growth Enabler visit, as Steven explains they are available to help all businesses across the UK. 

If you haven’t seen our previous blogs in this series be sure to take a moment to view those as well ‘Would a business bank account be right for me?’ and ‘How do I choose the right business bank account for me?’.

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