7 Technology Ideas For Your Equine Business

by Aug 10, 2023

Are you looking for ways to elevate your equine business using modern technology? Here’s a whistlestop tour through 7 different ways for horse business owners to embrace tech.



1) Going Digital with Records

So, you’ve got stacks of paperwork taller than your hay barn? Ditch them and hop onto the digital wagon. Imagine having all your horse’s health records, training routines, and even financial details at the touch of a button. Plus, no more forgetting vaccination dates—those handy reminders will save the day!


2) Horse Wearables (Yes, It’s a Thing!)

While we’re obsessing over the latest smartwatches, our horses can now have their wearables too. Think heart rate monitors, GPS trackers, and even fitness bands tailored for your four-legged athletes. So, you can monitor their health like a pro and always be in the know.


3) VR and AR: Not Just Gamer Stuff

Who knew virtual and augmented reality would trot into the horse world? Imagine a jockey training for a big race via a virtual reality headset. And with augmented reality, riders can get real-time feedback on their position. It’s like having your trainer in your pocket!


4) Payment Talk

Make it easier for your clients to pay you by accepting card payments.  You’ll want to make sure your provider accepts Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. But there are nuances, being EMV capable vs enabled isn’t the same. If you’re EMV-capable, you possess the necessary equipment. However, if you’re EMV-enabled, you’re actively processing chip card payments. This seemingly minor tech shift can drastically reduce fraud risks, offering your clients a seamless payment experience & reducing your chances of costly chargebacks.


5) Click, Book, Ride!

If you’re still using the old-school call-and-book system, it’s time for a change. Online booking is all the rage now. From riding lessons to stable bookings, let your clients reserve their spot in just a few clicks. Easy-peasy!


6) Drones: The Sky’s the Limit

Have you ever thought about capturing your entire stables from a bird’s eye view? Drones can do that for you! Whether you scout new trail routes or want epic aerial shots for promo videos, drones have covered you.


7) Apps Galore: The Horse World’s Gone Digital! 

Hold your horses because the app world isn’t just about food deliveries and online shopping anymore. Yep, there are apps dedicated solely to the equine world! Need to keep track of your horse’s diet or find the nearest farrier? There’s probably an app for that. And let’s not forget the communities and forums where you can chat with fellow horse lovers from around the globe. It’s like having the entire horse universe in your hand. So, next time you’re having a coffee break, dive into your app store and explore this fantastic digital landscape!


There you have it! Mixing a bit of tech into the equine world isn’t just about being trendy. It’s about making things more accessible and more fun and, of course, ensuring our horses are living their best lives whilst your working days becomes easier & more profitable. 

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