5 Must Watch Films For Equine Entrepreneurs

by Feb 19, 2020

In the rare moments that you aren’t working on your business or looking after horses, dogs or kids & the weather is utterly miserable outside, settling down indoors with a good film & a cuppa is perfect. There’s no reason why your home cinema night can’t give you some inspiration for your business though. We’ve put together a list of the 5 must watch films for equine entrepreneurs. Find a quiet spot, a comfy seat & enjoy!  

1) Joy


This is one of my personal favourites – a biographical film based on the life of Joy Mangano. Now a self-made millionaire who created her own business empire, the film looks at her struggles to get her invention to market. If you have a product based equine business or have been wondering how you can make money from a homemade horsey invention, then this is the film for you!


2) FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened


This Netflix documentary, based on a true story of a music festival going horribly wrong, is a great insight into the power of social media influencers & what happens when all the focus is on marketing instead of delivering a product.


3) The Founder


Another true story, going behind the scenes of the Mcdonalds food empire as tycoon Ray Kroc goes from a milkshake machine salesman to owner of a global super brand. It’s a powerful tale of persistence & a reminder that you’re never too old to follow your business dreams.  


4) The Pursuit Of Happyness


This is a real tear-jerker of a film, again based on a true story.  I don’t want to ruin the plot for you, but suffice to say it shows the absolute lows of being self-employed and the financial and personal disasters that entrepreneurs can face.  Chris Gardner goes from being homeless to running a multi-million dollar firm through hard work, incredible grit and making smart but unconventional moves. Every business owner can learn something from this film, but you might need some tissues to watch it (you’ve been warned).


5) Jerry Maguire


This film combines the world of sports and business, with sports agent Jerry Maguire playing a fictional character heavily based on real life agent Leigh Steinberg. Jerry decides to start his own business so that he can stay in the industry he loves but with a focus on ethics and quality after being fired by a company who focused purely on profits.

It might also get a wry smile from those who work with elite athletes in their equine business 😉

There you go – 5 great films to watch to light the fire in your belly.  As you might have guessed, I’ve watched them all so if you’ve got any suggestions for more entrepreneurial themed films to add to my personal watch list let me know in the comments below. 

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